Private Cloud

What is Private Cloud?

Private cloud is an architectural approach that provides a distinct and secure cloud based environment that is only accessible to specific client.

It provides the cloud computing benefits with greater security and control to organisations that require that additional security and privacy, like the governments. Private cloud provides computing power as service on using an underlying pool of physical resources.

Why Private Cloud?

Isolated database for higher security

Private cloud model provides a distinct pool of resources, such as proprietary database and servers, to the organisation. The dedicated lease lines and internal hosting provides a higher level of security and privacy.

Improved reliability for enhanced service delivery

Virtualised operating environments makes the infrastructure more resilient to individual failures. Resources can be partitioned and pulled from the remaining unaffected servers in case of individual server failures, providing more reliable service delivery.

Auto-scaling for efficient resource allocation

Virtualised environments enables scaling of resources across the entire organisation. With container orchestration, it auto scales the containers to meet the surge in traffic so that users can enjoy highly responsive digital services and good user experiences.