Workforce and Labour

Ensuring the availability of suitably qualified, skilled and energetic employees is one of the greatest workforce challenge that governments globally are facing. While digital disruption has created many new roles, some jobs are, inevitably, made obsolete.

How do governments ensure that its workforce is ahead of and prepared for this  ‘new economy’? What are the steps to ensure that workers can adapt to the new and ever changing demands?

Toppan Ecquaria has partnered with governments to rethink and redesign professional development, building an ecosystem integrating employers, employees, training providers and government agencies to deliver the potential benefits for the economy.

ONE@ECDA developed for the Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA) of Singapore tracks the entire lifecycle of an early childhood educator. It puts in place a career roadmap for educators to better visualise, plan and develop their early childhood career.

Right fundamentals to enhance our workforce framework

  • Through these well-defined structured platforms, it identifies the broader impact and influence in the field of workforce development.
  • Articulate outcome analyses that generates higher employment stability.
  • Promote uniform competency guidelines to increase the overall efficiency of education, training, and professional development.
  • Provide a guideline towards training centres to facilitate cost-effective professional development of the workforce, including future skills training and certifications.
  • Training centres do not need to work independently in a silo fashion.
  • Incorporate closer engagement between training centres and business employers.

Workforce Development Projects