Real Estate

Smart Cities is unanimously associated with land. How land resources are maximised and how can technology enhance the urban environment and change the way live is experienced? Leveraging Big Data and API economy, Toppan Ecquaria delivers solutions for that improves living, maximises resources and creates economic opportunities.

Our living environment is now tightly intertwined with technology and disruptive technologies has increased citizens’ expectations. From Global Positioning System (GPS) which is now an integral part of people’s lives to location services constantly generates huge amount of data. Integrating the various forms of Big Data provides critical insights that improve policy making and urban planning. Toppan Ecquaria worked with the Singapore Government to co-create the framework and model solution for Smart Cities in one of the Smart Cities Capability Development project that leverages on human traffic flow.

Other than leveraging Big Data for policy and urban planning, Toppan Ecquaria real estates solutions encourage the citizens to interact and explore real estate data. The JTC Corporation Statistical Portal comes with geospatial analytics and opens up data for citizens to analyse and generate customised reports specific to their needs, enabling citizens to make data-informed decisions.

Real Estate Projects