In recent years, there has been a significant focus on creating a transformational shift in the health care industry. However, just as across other industries, there is an ongoing debate on the viability of cloud-based solutions given the expectations to secure patients’ privacy and sensitive personal information. It is clear that with the proper governance, digitally-contained information will be much more accurate and easily retrievable. This comprehensive information suite helps tabulate data on treatments, costs, performance, and effectiveness studies, which can then be analyzed and acted upon. In realising the vision of a more efficient IT infrastructure, digitised health records represent an undoubtedly crucial component.

Delivering Integrated, real-time patient centric solutions

Toppan Ecquaria understands that IT for health care will need to fully comply for highest levels of accessibility and offer bulletproof security in order to gain acceptance in this sector. To ensure this, the initial reform is specifically targeted at improving the quality, cost, and availability of health care globally – an indisputably massive but necessary undertaking.

The health care industry is particularly sensitive to information security, wary of disruptive IT retrofits, and highly risk-adverse. Our Ecquaria SOP™ is designed to adapt to all verticals and that includes the health care industry. We will help deliver a successful adoption and implementation of health care technologies paired with high mobility and accessibility.

Healthcare Projects