Citizen Engagement

Digital disruption has changed the way citizens are engaged. How information and services are delivered and consumed have been completely transformed: submitting a form electronically is no longer the end goal. Now, citizens have higher expectations and digital government services have to be fast, reliable and secure.

Apart from governments acknowledging their limited resources and desire to tap on the collective wisdom of their citizens (i.e. crowdsourcing) to co-create good solutions to the challenges faced, putting the needs of the citizens at the heart of transformation to addresses real needs. By extending accessibility of government services, citizen engagement fosters an environment of trust and support.

Citizen Engagement Experience

Digital government puts co-creating possibilities with citizens at the heart of the transformation. Citizens are encouraged to be agents of change, to be looking at the problem and collaborating with the government for a solution. This collaboration redesigns how users interact with the government.

Working with the Singapore Government, Toppan Ecquaria has developed a platform for the whole-of-government crowdsourcing portal – Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) of Singapore eCitizen Ideas!. The portal enables government agencies to crowdsource ideas by throwing Challenges. It enables all Singapore government agencies to tap on the collective wisdom of their citizens (i.e. crowdsourcing) for a cost-effective way to generate and develop good ideas.

Together with the official website of the Singapore Government, Ministry of Communication and Information (MCI) Portal that integrates information from all government agencies, communication between government and citizens is enhanced.

Since 1998

Since 1998, Toppan Ecquaria has been at the forefront of delivering high impact digital government solutions worldwide. The years of experience has enabled the company to develop strong core competencies in grasping the underlying complexities of key government processes and understanding the specific needs of citizen users. Not only has Toppan Ecquaria helped enhance Government-to-Citizen (G2C) communication, the company has also improved governments’ efficiency through innovative solutions. Besides garnering a resultant trove of best practices, Toppan Ecquaria’s digital government implementation experience is made complete by truly global perspectives.

100-success-rateWe take great pride in our 100% success track record for each and every project, as well as consultancy engagement. Leveraging on the tenacity and sound technical capabilities of our professionals, Toppan Ecquaria ensures the success of all its digital government implementations.

100-government-client-baseToppan Ecquaria is deeply focused in its core digital government expertise. As such, our customer base consists 100% of government agencies. We channel our resources toward constant enhancement of our competencies in order to remain one of the leading organisations in global digital government advancement.

Through the deployment of citizen-centric, digital government solutions of nation-wide impact, Toppan Ecquaria has translated its wealth of relevant expertise to bring about efficiencies for both Singapore Government agencies as well as overseas such as Qatar, The Bahamas, and more.



Singapore Public Service Infrastructure

In the vein of studying progressive nations with comprehensive, efficient Digital Government implementations, one needs to look no further than Singapore. For 5 consecutive years, the prosperous city-state has topped the list of 55 countries in Waseda University’s Annual International Digital Government Ranking study. Singapore’s present-day effectiveness in delivering value to citizens and businesses through citizen-centric digital services did not happen by chance. The advent of internet technology back in year 2000 birthed countless possibilities in automated service delivery for citizens. Toppan Ecquaria’s role as one of the digital government pioneers was instrumental, leveraging on its thought leadership to conceptualise and subsequent implement the Singapore Public Service Infrastructure (PSi).

The PSI represents the end product of a standardised and unified approach in building a common platform for all Digital Services to be rapidly deployed, triggering a revolutionary paradigm shift from physical counter services to online services across all government agencies. Home to 1700 Digital Services and still counting, the PSI undoubtedly remains the foundation in shaping the Singapore digital government landscape into the efficient eco-system it is today.


Qatar Service Platform

In 2008, Qatar’s Supreme Council of Information and Communication Technology (ictQATAR) partnered Toppan Ecquaria to launch the Qatar Service Platform (QSP), the flagship initiative under ictQATAR’s integrated government program to develop and integrate government-wide Digital Services in support of their charter to harness ICT in achieving public service innovation. The QSP provides the platform that hosts existing and future government Digital Services. Designed with a common service gateway, the QSP allows agencies the flexibility to develop and host their E-Services centrally and reap efficiencies across agencies through sharing of common services such as user authentication and digital payment. The QSP helps to meet the objectives of ictQATAR to connect, enrich and inspire Qatar’s citizens and businesses, transforming the way the government and businesses run and improving the lives of the people who live and work in Qatar.


The Bahamas E-Government

Toppan Ecquaria made its mark in the Caribbean Republic in a big way, being part of the Singapore E-Government expertise team in heralding a new approach for the public to do business with the Government. Jointly collaborating with the Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore International (IDA International), Toppan Ecquaria developed and officially launched the new E-Government Web Portal and E-Services in the Bahamas in 2011. Amongst the first batch of E-Services catered to citizens and businesses included the Renewal of Driver’s Licence, Real Property Tax Payments, Service-Wide Customer Service and Vendor Inquiry. Leveraging on our deep domain and implementation expertise, Toppan Ecquaria helped kick-start E-Government efforts in The Bahamas by strengthening the ICT infrastructure and improving online service delivery.

Ecquaria Government Platform – Actualise Your Digital Government Strategy


For an Digital Government to deliver a set of convenient, empowering services that truly generates value to its key stakeholders, it is important to consider the implementation’s relevance and speed of delivery. The means of delivery and ease of use of the Digital Government’s services should also be taken into account, not only for the public users but also for agency users and system administrators. Quick to deploy across a wide range of government functions on traditional infrastructure or agile virtualisations, the Ecquaria Government Platform has seen global implementation in mission-critical verticals such as Business LicensingJudiciaryHealthcareWorkforce DevelopmentEducation and more.