Business Licensing

The World Bank has ranked Singapore first in the Ease of Doing Business Index. The Online Business Licensing System (OBLS) contributes to this ranking.

Over the past 2 decades, Toppan Ecquaria has partnered with Singapore governments and governments globally to develop Online Business Licensing Services (OBLS). OBLS significantly promote a pro-business environment and streamline application process for start-ups or existing businesses. Previously, not all detailed information were available on one shared portal, leading to many frustrated and lost. Entrepreneurs also face difficulties going through long queues when submitting their documents required to obtain the necessary licenses before starting up a business.

OBLS serves as a unified application platform to facilitate the coordination and implementation of various licences across participating stakeholders. Businesses can fulfill all their life-cycle licensing needs including making consolidated payments conveniently from one portal.

With the successful implementation of OBLS, the management of businesses can obtain a list of available digital services customised for their needs. The key objective is to make it easy to start businesses in Singapore.

  • Search for the licences that they may need.
  • Apply for multiple licences at once using the integrated form.
  • Update particulars on existing licence.
  • Renew existing licences that are expiring soon.
  • Terminate licences that are no longer required.
  • Pay for multiple licences via one consolidated transaction.

Many Agencies, One Government

  • Promote a Pro-business environment.
  • Cut costs.
  • Reduce turnaround/processing time for license approval.
  • Streamline application process.
  • Delight business owners.

Business Licensing Projects