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Digital Gov Transformation

Transforming to Digital Gov

  1. White Paper: A Digital Revolution is At Hand
  2. Newsletter: Are Citizens at the Heart of your Digital Gov Solution?

Establish a Co-Creation Strategy

  1. White Paper: Co-Creating with Citizens in the Digital Gov Era
  2. Newsletter: Establishing a Co-Creation Strategy with Citizens in Mind


Digital Gov Products

Ecquaria Government Platform (EGP)

  1. EGP Overview Brochure (In English) (Dalam Bahasa Indonesia)
  2. EGP Citizen Centre Brochure (In English) (Dalam Bahasa Indonesia)
  3. EGP Government Centre Brochure (In English) (Dalam Bahasa Indonesia)

Ecquaria Integration Centre (EIC)

  1. Ecquaria Integration Centre (EIC) Brochure
  2. EIC SingPass OIDC RP Brochure

Ecquaria DevSecOps Stack

  1. Ecquaria DevSecOps Stack Brochure 

Ecquaria Business Licensing System (BLS)

  1. Ecquaria BLS Brochure (In English) (Dalam Bahasa Indonesia)

Ecquaria SNAP

  1. Ecquaria SNAP Brochure (In English) (Dalam Bahasa Indonesia)


Gov@Cloud 2019

  1. Gov@Cloud 2019 Recap
  2. Gov@Cloud Session 1: Implementing Government Compliant Architecture in a Commercial Cloud
  3. Gov@Cloud Session 2: Integration with Compliance
  4. Gov@Cloud Session 3 : Implementing a Complete DevSecOps Solution
  5. Gov@Cloud Session 4 : Transforming Operations with Machine Learning

Live, Work, Play @Ecquaria

  1. Ecquaria Company Retreat 2019 to Phuket
  2. Ecquaria 2XU Run 2019
  3. Ecquaria 20th Anniversary – Amazing Heritage Run
  4. Ecquaria 20th Anniversary – Dinner and Dance



  1. Disruptive eXperience Workshop (DX Workshop) Brochure


About Toppan Ecquaria

  1. Company Profile (In English) (中文版)
  2. Media Kit

Digital Gov Case Studies