Ecquaria Integration Centre

Implementing Government-Compliant Integration

Digitalisation initiatives these days require complex integration across multiple systems, different across various platforms, different government agencies and stakeholders. Systems no longer run in silos and it is only through such complex ecosystems can technology really make life simpler.

Yet how do we ensure these systems communicate securely with each other?

Ecquaria Integration Centre (EIC)

  • 1. Ensures continuous compliance with government integration policies and standards
  • 2. Manage multiple EIC instances centrally with a separate management console
  • 3. Easy configuration of API security and inspection through a web-based UI

EIC is an integration product that ensures your system integration is compliant to government standards and policies via 2 components:

EIC API Gateway and EIC Identity Service.

EIC API Gateway Function

EIC API Gateway is designed to handle Authentication, Authorisation and Content Inspection for the highest level of security. It runs on REST APIs and can be deployed in either the Integration Tiers or the Gateway Utility Tiers, enabling easy integration between different government systems and Internet-Intranet communication.

  • Separate Management Console
  • Authorisation
  • Forward Proxy Support
  • Audit Logs
  • Authentication
  • Content Inspection
  • Mutual TLS

EIC Identity Service Function

EIC Identity Service provides fast and easy integration with government identity providers such as SingPass and CorpPass (SP/CP). It simplifies the complexities of OpenID Connect (OIDC) for authentication and authorisation of data between security domains into a REST call.  

  • Audit Logs
  • Forward Proxy Support
  • SingPass OIDC Relying Party FIND OUT MORE
  • Separate Management Console

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