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Securing the Entire Application
Lifecycle with DevSecOps

Security is of utmost importance especially when it comes to dealing with government systems and citizens data. EGP Suite is ready with integration tools for government environments.

EGP also comes with built-in DevSecOps services. DevSecOps bridges the gap between “fast deployment” and “security”, integrating security early into the automated, continuous deployment pipeline, creating trust and confidence by shifting left.

DevSecOps: Creating Trust and Confidence by Shifting Left

DevSecOps: Creating Trust and Confidence by Shifting Left

Security components such as infrastructure security, code analysis and vulnerability scans are shifted left. Instead of running these security scans after just before deployment, the security practices are ingrained into earlier stages of the development lifecycle.

Secure by Design, Secure Coding Practices, Code Analysis and Vulnerability Scans are now part of the earlier stages of the development lifecycle. Security concerns are flagged out early at the respective stages, facilitating faster and simpler rectification.

DevSecOps Optimised for Governments

Description of DevSecOps pipe across the development and government environment.

Optimised for government, Ecquaria DevSecOps Stack spans across the Development Environment and Government Environment. The CI/CD Toolchain in the Development Environment ensures higher code quality and security before deploying to the Government Environment.

The image is deployed to the Government Environment with EDS. Other than deployment, EDS also monitors the production environment such as container and services health. It automatically handles load spikes with auto-scaling.

Ensuring Digital Services are Always Available with EDS

In this day and age, technology is part of our daily lives any downtime will cause unhapiness. At the same time, citizen expectations are rising. Enhancements need to be rolled out faster, digital services need to be always available, data need to be secure.

Yet only the tech-savvy folks know, the magic doesn’t happen with a click of the button. Deployment is complex with many different steps and configurations. And it is made more complicated with the hundreds of microservices and containers. To smoothen the process, EGP comes with EDS.

With EDS, deployment can be automated with the click of a button. The tool also simplifies operations, reduces deployment risks, detects problems early and handles the spikes in load – all automatically.

One Click Deployment – Reducing Deployment Risks with Automation

Gone are the days of long service request forms with complicated step-by-step instructions required for manual deployment. EDS simplifies deployment into one single step.

One-Click Deployment with EDS - Screenshot

Detecting Problems Early with Monitoring

There is a lot to monitor and manage with the explosion of microservices and containers. With EDS, you can now monitor the status and health of all the individual microservices and the application as a whole to detect anomalies and resolve them early.

Node Level Monitoring

Container Level Monitoring

Service Health Monitoring

Container Health Monitoring

Handling Spikes in Load with Auto Scaling

Unpredicted load spikes should not surprise us. EDS addresses the possibility of unpredicted load spikes with node cluster and service level autoscaling. To combat this, EDS monitors the application at both the node cluster and service level, autoscaling resources when required. This provides sufficient resources to handle the sudden increase in load, ensuring that your customer is always satisfied.

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