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Fast Delivery of Digital Government Services

Kickstart your digital government transformation with the Ecquaria Government Platform (EGP). The platform allows governments to design, build and manage citizen-centric digital services and co-create with citizens.

EGP facilitates the re-engineering of government processes, ensuring business agility and smooth operations while being on top of changing policy requirements and citizens’ increasing expectations. For a holistic solution, EGP comes with both Citizen Centre and Government Centre.

Citizen Centre

Suite of digital services for citizens
complete with real-time updates

Government Portal

A single window to government information and online digital services.
The citizen or public user may browse directories for agency contacts or to engage in digital services such as passport application, licence application, business registration, etc

  • Government now has a greater avenue of communication to citizens
  • Citizens enjoy convenience as they consult this one-stop portal to obtain updated official information
  • Citizens easily find government digital services on a central digital service directory
  • Citizens easily find government agencies and contact details on a central agency directory

Message Hub

A convenient place for citizens to refer to all messages from the government.
Regardless of the agency, the message is from, or whether it is an SMS text or e-mail message, all are archived in the Message Hub for the citizen’s reference.

  • Citizens are conveniently notified of follow-up actions required
  • Citizens easily log in to the Message Hub to obtain messagesrecords from any agency
  • Citizens need not worry about missed messages due to loss of phone or transferred phone ownership, as message copies are kept in the Message Hub

Service Tracker

A convenient place for citizens to keep track of all digital service transactions they have with the government.

With the Service Tracker, citizens no longer suffer the hassle of decentralised dealings with different agencies. A citizen may access historical records and statuses of all their engagements with any government agency.

  • Citizens conveniently track statuses of all their submissions from any agency
  • Citizens may follow up with post-digital-service submission activities via the
  • Citizens enjoy worry-free engagement as records are securely kept and persisted in the Service Tracker

Document Vault

A convenient place for citizens to obtain official documents from the government. With the Document Vault, the government leaps into modern public service delivery by issuing secure softcopies of official documents e.g. notices, licences, certifications, etc.

Citizens may log in to the Document Vault to view and download the official documents.

  • Citizens conveniently obtain official documents online via a secure channel
  • Citizens need not worry about lost documents, licences, and certificates
  • Government and citizens enjoy time and cost savings by digitising issuance and distribution of official documents

Government Centre

Suite of modules for government agencies to perform administration, process and track tasks

Back-Office Administration Tool

The Back-Office Administration Tool rapidly transforms counter services to digital services by providing a ready-to-use processing backend for you

Support the end-to-end processing flow of a digital service submission.

  • Processing of digital service submission
  • Approval of digital service submission
  • Issuance of official documents
  • Collection of official documents
  • Attached documents and statuses
  • Internal documents and remarks
  • Payment status and history
  • Processing history
  • Submission search

Communication and clarification
Support communication from government to citizen regarding the citizen’s digital service submission.

  • Integrated SMS messaging
  • Integrated e-mail messaging
  • Back routing of submission to the citizen for amendment purposes

Assist agencies and officers to keep track of expected performance levels.

  • Service level agreement (SLA) status display
  • Notifications on approaching the end of SLA
  • Notifications on the expiration of SLA
  • Automatic task reassignment

Service Registry

The Service Registry gives government agencies control over their digital services

Digital service setup and update
Give agency control over displayable details of a digital service.

  • Information and description setup
  • Supporting document setup
  • Fee information
  • Pre-requisites
  • Processing time
  • Frequently asked questions
  • Law and regulatory information

Digital service configuration
Give agency control over processing and activation set up for a digital service.

  • Task assignment
  • Task reassignment
  • Digital service activation
  • Digital service deactivation

Processing flows
These are in-built flows that the agency may apply all its digital services. The default flows provision for post-approval payment and document collection.

Performance Tracking

Performance tracking gives quantitative insights to current efficiency levels and helps in enforcing service delivery goals of each agency and the overall government.

Performance reports
Give agency control over displayable details of a digital service..

  • Performance by digital service
  • Performance by individual officer
  • Performance by working group
  • Performance by agency

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