Ecquaria Government Platform (EGP)

Platform for fast deployment of digital government services


Fast Delivery of Digital Government Services

Hassle-free transformation of counter services to online services, enabling citizens to access your services 24/7.


Co-Creating with Citizens and Businesses

Digitally transforming public service delivery by unlocking digital assets and prediction with machine learning.


Secure Deployment of Complex Government Applications

Simplifying the development and maintenance of complex applications with microservices, containers and DevSecOps.

Success Stories

Effortless Management of Complex Workflows in Societies Management

The customisable process flows of EGP streamlined the complex process – from application submission to the backend approval. iROSES2 automatically extracts and incorporates relevant data into system-generated emails.

Flexible and Adaptable Regulatory Framework for Smart Healthcare

The microservices architecture of EGP EE will enable MOH to respond rapidly to the fast-changing medical landscape. Future-ready healthcare systems such as IAIS are vital as Singapore continues to grow as a world-class medical hub.

Shortening Time Required to Set Up Businesses in Namibia

EGP streamlines government processes and enables users to track their licence applications, official documents and messages from the government in one centralised place. EGP PC enables the fast delivery of digital services.

Comparison of EGP Editions


Ecquaria Government Platform

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Ecquaria Government Platform
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Ecquaria Government Platform
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