The Ecquaria

Business Licensing System (BLS)

is an electronic one-stop portal for the entire business lifecycle, including all business registration and licensing needs.

Ecquaria BLS is built upon:

Business centric and based on principles of government efficiency

Extensive experience with licensing processes in numerous countries

Proven results from customers

Quality technology standards

How Ecquaria BLS works

Behind the scenes, Ecquaria BLS manages interaction between agencies and businesses, and between different agencies if necessary.

Benefits of Ecquaria BLS

To the

  • Cost savings from paperless processing and services
  • Trust and confidence from the business community and foreign investors
  • IT-savvy and high-skilled government workforce

To the
Government Agencies

  • Better management of business registrations and licence applications
  • Better enforcement on service delivery efficiency
  • Faster application processing

To the

  • Assurance in the process of starting up and maintaining a business
  • Savings in application cost and time
  • Convenience


The Ecquaria BLS is complete with features to serve both
businesses and government agencies.

Features for Businesses


  • Consolidated licence forms
  • Access to information
  • Quick searches

Registration & Applications

  • Business E-Advisor validated forms
  • Update, renewal, termination
  • Supporting documents
  • Fee payments
  • Draft saving

Post-submission & Follow-up

  • SMS & e-mail notifications
  • Application amendments
  • Status tracking


  • One-place application details
  • Streamlined workflows
  • One-click processing


  • Performance monitoring
  • Service levels tracking


  • Business E-Advisor configuration
  • Local and federal government
  • User and agency addition
  • Documents and fees
  • Licence information
  • Licence creation
  • Licence forms
  • Workflows

Ecquaria Business Licensing System Modules

BLS comprises two groups of functions to serve the frontend users (i.e. public users, business persons, applicants) and the backend users (i.e. agency administrators, officers). A completely integrated system will include integration to central business and persons registries, and a national authentication system. The integration to the national authentication system allows for trusted user login and minimisation of fraudulent logins.