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New JTC Statistical Portal with Geospatial Analytics Awarded to Ecquaria

Ecquaria sets another foot into the real estate domain with the win of the new JTC Corporation (JTC) Statistical Portal. The public will be able to search, tabulate and analyse industrial property statistics online. The innovative portal goes beyond the usual reporting. Statistical data is made available for public to interact with and perform geospatial analytics dynamically.

Providing Timely Statistical Data Analysis Online

In line with the Smart Nation Initiative of empowering people with technology, the new JTC Statistical Portal targets to provide public with the capability to conduct in-depth analysis of the industrial property data.

Through the interfacing with existing systems, the new JTC Statistical Portal will compile about 20,000 industrial property records and make the data available online on a quarterly basis. The portal will be designed to include statistical tools that end users can use to conduct aggregated statistical analysis online.

Public, especially industrialists, property consultants, developers and researchers, will no longer be limited by the static data provided in the form of reports. They will be able to make better decisions by utilising the interactive analytics tools and comprehensive data to analyse, customise and generate reports specific to their needs.

Interactive Geospatial Analytics and Visualisation

Other than statistical charts and graphs, the new JTC Statistical Portal allows public to drill down on information based on their location. Similar to the work done for GovTech on Smart Cities Capability Building, where interactive geospatial analytics are used to visualise traveling patterns and monitor change in population density across time, the new JTC Statistical Portal will include dynamic and heat maps.

The dynamic and heat maps will be designed based on Singapore’s geographical map. It will provide end-users with an interactive experience to search and view industrial property data on a geographical map.

With geospatial analytics capabilities, users will no longer rely on the search function and can interact with data through its dynamic and rich visualisation. Using the filters, industrialists will be able to monitor and gain insights in a single view and drill into the specifics of each property.

Ensuring Data Accuracy with Effective Data Preparation

The industrial property data is analysed and used by a range of users, from industrialists to researchers. The data can be used for market research, negotiations and crafting of commercial strategies.

A complex data preparation module is in place to ensure that the data released on the new JTC Statistical Portal is comprehensive, accurate, and clean. The portal will interface with existing data sources to compile the data sets. After which, it goes through 5 stages of data preparation before it is on the JTC website for public’s access.

The new JTC Statistical Portal will be built on the award-winning Ecquaria Service Oriented Platform (Ecquaria SOP™). It provides JTC the flexibility to configure the complex data validation rules, ensuring an extensive set of clean and accurate data.

Ecquaria SOP™ provides a strong foundation for the complex data preparation workflow. It supports the versioning and roll-back of data, a staging module of mirrors the Industrial Property Statistics web pages and the publishing to approved pages onto the JTC website.

Prior Experience

Ecquaria has been gaining foothold in the industrial property domain. Back in 2016, Ecquaria has worked closely with the Housing Development Board (HDB) Industrial Property Group (IPG). Other than commissioning the HDB Hub for Business (HBiz) Portal, Ecquaria also took over the maintenance of the HDB