Digital Gov Delivered
Apr 2018

Quantity of interactions no longer equates to trust and value

In an age where technology advancement has created boundless opportunities, we ironically find ourselves being increasingly cynical. Multiple studies have found that “trust in governments and their institutions is at an all-time low around the world”.

It is increasingly difficult to respond to the way technology has disrupted the space and building trust, authenticity and transparency is key. By ingraining a co-creation culture, involving citizens in decision-making and co-creating solutions, a community spirit is embodied. This co-creation white paper distills the essences of a co-creation strategy for government agencies.

Passive service consumers to engaged citizens

Forward-looking governments have been reaping the benefits of co-creation. Who better to create services than the very one using it? By giving voices to citizens and empowering them to create living experiences and services that resonates with their community transforms public service.

The role of government agencies have shifted to conversation facilitators. And it is what the Prime Minister’s Office of Singapore (PMO) did. Ideas!, a whole-of-government crowdsourcing portal, facilitates insight discovery and the improvement of the living environment through the ground-up efforts of citizens.

Understand, Ideate and Co-Create

In the interest of viability and feasibility, human experiences have often been collapsed into simplistic items that can be controlled. Unfortunately, this often results in under-utilised products and services. At Disruptive eXperience (DX) Workshop, we listen, challenge assumptions, and help government agencies connect with this evolving generation of citizens and businesses. DX Workshop is designed to help government agencies de-risks projects and co-create more relevant services for a successful digital government transformation.

At our upcoming half-day seminar on 8th May (Tues), we will share how agencies can innovate and put citizens at the heart of transformation with a segment on a brownfield project case study which transformed a large monolithic system to agile and nimble microservices architecture.

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Collaborating with businesses and agencies to lead environmental sustainability

Today we live in an interconnected world where data is open and available to all. Citizens and businesses can work together with government agencies to improve their living environment. In its bid to lead environmental sustainability and protection, the National Environment Agency (NEA) of Singapore will be leveraging data, microservices and containers to facilitate waste minimisation and resource sustainability.

The new Waste and Resources Management System (WRMS) will digitally transform the way NEA collects data and manages public sector environment sustainability initiatives, toxic industrial waste, renewable and non-renewable resources, and day-to-day waste disposal operations.

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