Disruptive eXperience (DX) Workshop

Are you solving the right problem?

“For a human being the product is not an end in itself but the gateway to a plethora of experiences.”

In the interest of viability and feasibility, human experiences have often been collapsed into simplistic items that can be controlled. Unfortunately, this often results in under-utilised services.

How might we design desirable services for citizens?

What is DX Workshop?

DX Workshop is 3 days of fun and intensive focus on designing desirable services for citizens. Challenging the assumptions that often go unnoticed, DX Workshop is designed to support government agencies in pinpointing the right problem, discovering citizens unmet needs and developing ideas. Participants will be equipped with tools to empathise with citizens, synthesise data from multiple sources and develop prototypes.

“Great Design is Transparent” – Good design is apparent, great design is transparent”. It incorporates functions in a manner that is not evident to users. It works, it lasts, it continues. The secret to success is the relentless focus on the users and solving the real, fundamental, root problem instead of the symptoms.

Fail Fast, Fail Cheap – The workshop is not advocating that failure as a goal. Instead, it encourages the willingness to try and the courage to overcome failures. In the 3 days, try crazy ideas, test them out. Who knows, the wildest ideas might actually work. If it fails, it’s just 3 days and a few post-its.

DX Workshop Objectives

Participants will be equipped with skills and tools to pinpoint the right problem and design citizen-centric solutions by synthesising data from multiple sources. Upon completion of the sessions, participants will be able to:

  1. Put citizens at the heart of transformation.
  2. Empathise with citizens through personas, journey mapping and storytelling.
  3. Discover unmet needs through human-centred research and synthesising data from multiple sources.
  4. Explore solutions through creative ideation and rapid prototyping.
  5. Materialise ideas through user testing and service blueprint.

DX Workshop Content

Each DX Workshop consists of 3 sessions (8 hours each). A typical sequence of DX Workshop as follows:

  • Day 1:“What is your real challenge?”
    • Define Challenge and conduct human-centered research
  • Day 2: “No Stupid Ideas”
    • Generate crazy creative ideas and build real, tactile representation of your ideas
  • Day 3: “Materialise Your Ideas”
    • Get feedback through user testing and finalise your service blueprint


DX Workshop Brochure