Experience. Experiment. Execution.

EcQube is a space dedicated to the experimentation, creation and development of ideas. More than a physical area, EcQube is a culture that advocates:

  1. Willingness to try.
  2. Courage to overcome failures.
  3. Character to persevere.

At EcQube we encourage questions, embrace changes and inspire innovation.

EcQube Programmes:

Digital Service Lab

Face your digital transformation challenges “hands-on”.

In this interconnected world where data is open and available to all, citizens and businesses play a critical role in shaping the living environment. Government services are no longer a one-way linear delivery process. Instead, governments are now enablers of a co-creation culture where citizens can identify a need and use the data provided by governments to develop a solution.

This new approach of government service delivery requires new mindsets and technologies to design digital services.

Digital Service Lab (DSL) is a lab-based training where attendees will learn to build their own cloud-native digital government services based on the microservice architecture. Learn more >>

Disruptive eXperience Workshop

Are you solving the right problem?

In the interest of viability and feasibility, human experiences are often collapsed into simple, controllable steps. This usually leaves products and services under-utilised without proper understanding of users’ real needs and experiences.

How might we then design services that are desirable to citizens?

Disruptive eXperience Workshop (DX Workshop) helps explore and identify the right problem. Through the journey of framing the challenges, building empathy and understanding the end-users, attendees will be able to better identify the problem and design services that are viable, feasible and desirable to the users. Learn more >>