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At Toppan Ecquaria, we are at the heart of digital government. We harness the latest in technology to deliver digital government solutions; enabling governments to unlock their digital assets and connect with their citizens

Why we do what we do

Toppan Ecquaria has served governments for years. From the evolution of e-government to digital government, we have witnessed the power of the technology revolution first hand and how it has reimagined communications between governments and their citizens.

It is our belief that the holistic transformation based on the best practices of technology innovation with a focus on human connection, will allow governments and citizens to embrace their digital future together.

We are passionate about leveraging technology for the betterment of the world. Our methodology is about evolution, in both development and delivery. We want to empower governments to deliver innovative citizen-centric digital services.

What we do – Digital Government

Digital government is an evolution from e-government. While e-government aims to improve existing transactional processes with technology, digital government embraces technology and innovation to create a citizen-centric approach to deliver government services.

Leveraging on our deep understanding of government domains and their processes, we have successfully delivered numerous citizen-centric digital government solutions. From conceptualisation to development to implementation, Toppan Ecquaria is at the heart of it all.

Having established ourselves in the digital government domain, we have identified the following characteristics needed for success:

  1. Co-Creation Strategy
  2. Smart Instructure
  3. Disruptive Culture
  4. Data-Driven Decisions

For a more details about digital government, please refer here.

How we do it

A huge part of our success has to do with our strong cohesive leadership (an average of 15 years of working together and counting), continuous research and development into the improvement of our products and our pioneering spirit to constantly evolve and push the boundaries of technological innovations.

With the foundations of an established company and the agility of a technology startup, Toppan Ecquaria seeks to deliver disruptive digital solutions that will reshape governments’ engagement with their citizens .

Based on the above-mentioned characteristics that we have identified, below is a list of services/solutions in digital government that we provide to support them:

  1. API Economy
  2. Microservices
  3. Data-Driven Decisions
  4. Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery (CI/CD)
  5. Private Cloud

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